My Kid Can Beat Your Kid in a Math Fight

The year 2012 marks the beginning of ten years of homeschooling in our family. It also marks a new season in my life. My daughter, now 18, has moved out of the house and moved away to go to college. I taught my precious daughter at home from August of 2003 until May of 2012. 

As I reflect back on the last ten years, I do so without regret. I say this even as I admit that my daughter is struggling with math as she attempts to enter college. In truth, I struggled with math in high school and was never able to complete even one semester of college algebra. I slipped through on technicality and got my B.S. without it.

Many “educators,” college trained teachers and administrators, may balk at my admission. But I have a secret that is even yet more shocking. I never thought that education was my main goal anyway.

I am perfectly okay with the fact that my daughter is no good at math. Well, I guess the truth is, I am okay with the fact that I was no good at teaching my daughter math. That’s right. I really mean that. How could this crazy woman say such a thing, you may wonder. This woman is a complete idiot, you may think. I’m okay with that too. What my daughter gained by being educated at home is of far greater value than her present ability to calculate an algebraic sentence (or whatever you do with them).

My daughter is an independent thinker. She is bold and unafraid to speak up for her principles. She has principles. She knows what she believes and she knows who she is. My daughter is a person of character, a person worth knowing. She loves God on her very own, without being under my roof. And those things-those are the things that have always been my goal. She can learn the algebra from someone else, but I sure am glad I was the one to help her learn the really important stuff. Image